Agile software development – resources

This is consolidated list of some of the resource to learn about agile.
It is important not to jump to agile methodologies without understanding the basic ideas of agile. 
The following links helped me to understand and grow as an agile developer.

  1. The term agile software development was introduced by the agile manifesto in 2001. It is very important to understand the four core values and 12 principles in the manifesto.
  2. Read about agile software development in Wikipedia. Learn the ‘why’ behind agile and history.
  3. Read the manifesto for software craftsmanship and read about software craftsmanship in Wikipedia. After that, take a look at Uncle Bob’s(Robert C. Martin) post on what Software Craftsmanship is about. Remember that one of the agile principles focuses on technical excellence.
  4. Learn about the pitfalls of blindly applying agile methodologies without understanding the core of agile in the dark agile manifesto.
  5. Do you understand what these terms mean? Lookup the terms that you do not understand in Wikipedia.
    • Scrum
    • Product backlog, Sprint backlog
    • Sprint
    • Product owner
    • Scrum master
    • Team
    • Velocity
    • Burn down
    • Retrospective
    • Story point
    • Sprint planning
    • Refinement/Grooming
    • Standup