Dattatray Kale

I am an application developer based in Pune, India. 

  • Seasoned software engineer with 10+yrs of experience in enterprise web application development.
  • An avid practitioner of Agile and XP practices and a champion for software craftsmanship.
  • Hands-on with multiple technologies including JavaScript, ReactJS, BackboneJS, PHP, Laravel, Web Services, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework.
  • Domains worked in: eCommerce logistics, Education, Healthcare


– Object-oriented analysis, design, and programming
– Clean code practices
– SOLID principles
– Agile development
– Software craftsmanship
– Test-driven development
– Code review
– Pair programming


Software craftsmanship, I am on a never-ending journey towards mastery of software development.
Agile software development is the ideal process, especially when tailored to a company’s strengths.
– Developers perform best when they’re happy, challenged, consistently learning, appreciated and held accountable.
– Stakeholder feedback and involvement is important to a product’s success.
– Learning as a lifestyle
– Create value by sharing a knowledge


• Facilitated code retreats for students multiple times.
• Facilitated code retreats for software professionals multiple times.
• Facilitated meetup sessions for like-minded working professionals.
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