Abstraction is the ability to work with the concept/idea while safely ignoring some of its details. Rather, handle different details at different levels.

Take an example of a simple fan regulator. As a consumer of it, I can focus only on regulating the speed. Here, changing the speed via the interface (knob) is the concept while I will ignore other details like an internal electronic circuit that consists of a diode, capacitor, resistors, DIAC, TRIAC and so on..

Internal of the fan regulator.

Thus, Abstraction is the process of showing only the relevant details with which consumer can safely work with.

Real-life analogy

When we consider a laptop as aggregate, it is an abstraction of its various parts, like a keypad, touchpad, screen, motherboard, hard-disk, processor, etc.

Similarly, A keypad as a whole, in turn, is an abstraction of a particular arrangement of keys and internal wirings.

This way, abstraction allows you to take a simpler view of a complex concept.

Similarly, in software development, abstraction should manage the complexity of the software design at a different level. A good abstraction should lead to a good (less complex) software design.

In languages like C++, Java, C#, we can achieve abstractions via abstract class and interface.

Good programmers create abstractions at the method level, class level, interface level, namespace level, and assembly level —in other words, motherboard level, keypad level, and laptop level—and that supports faster and safer programming.

As programmers, we need to provide the right level of abstraction in accordance with the need of the end consumer.

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  1. Good post buddy.Very nice and self explanatory.Please post on encapsulation and difference between these two.

  2. The laptop example is easy to understand. Hope to see more posts soon.
    Also as a suggestion, please include relevent code samples wherever necessary. Most software engineers read c# n java better than English 🙂

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