Don’t add unnecessary context

This is about a class, which has fields and methods whose name repeats the class name.

Please see the below class diagram for a student.

Looking at the class diagram, it’s clear that this whole class is all about the student. However, do you think repetitively adding the word “Student” in fields and methods really adds value?

Don’t you think it’s redundant?

It reads more like

  • The student has a student name.
  • The student has student birthdate.
  • Get student age of a student. It reads like a weird sentence, isn’t it?

We already have the student context, hence adding words repeatedly is redundant.

Let me show you the revised class diagram.

This one removes the redundancy. 

It reads more like

  • The student has a name.
  • The student has a birthdate.
  • Get the age of a student.

You may come across such redundancy when working with code. Identify it and remove it.

Next time, “Don’t just add unnecessary context”!

Another example:

Student repository

Don’t repeat the name of the class in class’ fields and methods.

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