Don’t be anti-negative

The negative conditionals in code blocks are most of the time difficult to read and understand.

It becomes worse when you make the conditionals anti-negative.


Anti-negative conditionals

Try to read above code snippets and try to understand it. Please note the highlighted parts. Does that code reads like

  • When inverse of a package is not damaged then report an error: “Package is damaged”.
  • When inverse of a package is not empty then report another error:
    “Package is empty”

Ouch! Unreadable? Complex? Painful, isn’t it? Let’s revisit the same condition with positive conditionals.


Positive conditionals

Another example:


Set hours logged when it is not NonWorkingDay. What?

Above snippet is showing hours worked for the day if it’s not non-working day!


Set hours logged when it was working day.

Now, this reads like simple statement. Show hours worked for working day.

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